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Case Studies From Companies We've Worked With

LeapHigh Group - Facebook Ads Marketing Campaigns To Grow The Business

Leaphigh Group is a real estate company that offers real estate products, services and financial empowerment trainings.

Recently, we worked with them to generate leads for their Wealth Empowerment training programme via Facebook Ads.

With an advert spend of N14,500, we were able to generate over 40 leads for their training programme.

The Successpie - Lead Generation Funnel For Email List Building & Sales Page Design/Online Payment Integration.

The Successpie Brand is a personal brand owned by Mrs. Ganiyat Oyesomi, the owner of GNT Spices – a household name both home and abroad as it relates to food spices.

We helped her set up an opt-in page with which she collects emails in exchange for a valuable ebook. Click the button below to read more about this case study.


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