How To Make Money In Online Marketing Building Email Lists, Sales Funnels, and Facebook Advertising

Dear Friend,

If you have been looking for high income skills to help you make money online in 2024, you have come to the right place. 

My name is Joseph Philip.

I have been making money online using these high income skills of email list building, lead generation system setup, sales funnel design, email marketing and Facebook/Instagram advertising for more than 10 years.

And over the years, I have used these same skills to serve both local and foreign clients.


I have also taught many others these same skills which they now use in their personal businesses or offer it as a service to others.

2024 beckons in a few days.

Things are going to get tougher.

That's a fact.

The way to bulletproof yourself against this coming tough time is to acquire high income skills that are needed worldwide and will earn you the type of income you desire.

This is exactly what you should also be doing as a business owner

Not every activity in your business is meant for you

Many should be outsourced to others…while you focus on the core 20%

…This is The Secret To Getting More Results While Doing Less

And with this method, you'll find yourself having more than enough time to share with those you love and the things that matters to you


You and I know you're not like the bigmen in the business world…

Outsourcing these other activities to other people will cost you money which will negatively affect your profit

No one wants that – not even me!


What Do You Do?


“…Leverage Tech Systems and Tools… “

What Are Tech Systems and Tools?

Well – they are simply the gift of technology to man for easy and smooth living

Take this page you're reading for example…

It’s a good example of a tech tool and system.

With just this page, I don't need to go out there (or cold calling) to convince anybody as to why they should buy what I'm selling

I just set this page once…and have the words which I've written (once) do all the work for me

No matter the number of people who get to see this.

And all of this, I do from the comfort of wherever I choose!

Quite interesting, right?

Remember: this is just one out of the many tech tools and systems created to help you save more time for yourself as a business owner and also have your business run smoothly

Imagine what would happen when you start leveraging other tech tech tools and systems like I do

Truth is:

– You’d have more time to spend with the love of your life…and the other activities you just can't let go

– You’ll get more done in your business and have it run efficiently without having to pay anybody salary

– The customer satisfaction level for your business will increase…because even while you sleep…your business will still be attending to customers and satisfying their needs

– your sales volume alongside your profits will increase…because this time…you're not doing business as usual…you are now attending to a large number…even without seeing them face to face

And believe me,

This Isn't As A Hard As You Think It Is

You don't have to be a tech savvy to make this work for you…

As long as you have a little knowledge operating your smartphone and doing certain things on your computer system…you really can do this too

And if you'd allow me…

I'd like to Invite You to My Upcoming Practical Training Bootcamp Where I'll Teach You These High Income Skills And How To Make Money From them.

In this private, and practical training Bootcamp…here's the cool thing that'll happen…

For 4 solid weeks (2 classes per week), you will be shown how to leverage three (3) powerful tech tools and systems for your own profitability.

And these tools/systems includes;

Email List Building System

For selling and nurturing previous customers so they continue to buy

Facebook Ads

For easier customer acquisition...even while sleep

Sales Funnels

To help you design pages like this...receive payments even while asleep...and convert interested people into repeat customers.

Here's A Proper Breakdown of Everything You’ll Be Learning in This BootCamp...

MODULE 1. Email List Building System Setup: How to setup a lead generation system that allows you to build your email list through a High Value Content Offer.

✔️ How to use Artificial Intelligence to do detailed customer research before doing anything else.

✔️ How to map out a simple Email List Building System Strategy

✔️ Components of an Email List Building System

✔️ How to purchase domain and hosting

✔️ How to install WordPress Content Management System (CMS)

✔️ How to install Landing Page Builder (Thrive Architect)

✔️ How to setup an opt-in page

✔️ How to setup a thank you page

✔️ How to setup a download page for the High Value Content Offer

✔️ How to integrate an email autoresponder to automate the delivery of the High Value Content Offer

✔️How to write the email that will deliver the High Value Content Offer


MODULE 2. How to write emails that sell your products/services

✔️ Understanding the psychology behind writing emails that sell.

✔️ The 3Ws that guarantee the emails you write will sell.

✔️ How to write email subject lines that get your email opened.

✔️ How to use the SLA formula to write emails that sell in less than 24 minutes.

✔️ How to generate ideas for everyday email without being stranded of what to write.

✔️ How to make a smooth transition from the body of your email to where you want the readers to take an action.

✔️ How to write a captivating CTA (Call To Action) that gets your reader to buy.

✔️ 5 ways to write a powerful P.S. (Post Script) to prompt your reader to take action.

MODULE 3. How to setup a simple sales funnel to sell your digital or physical products (A sales funnel is the process prospects go through to become a customer). 

In addition to all you will be taught in the Email List Building System Setup, you’ll also learn the following: 

✔️ How to structure and piece together a customer-attracting sales advert content (copy).

✔️ How to design a simple sales page to showcase your sales advert content (copy).

✔️ How to setup an online payment system for your product.

✔️ How to integrate online payment system on your sales page and automate the delivery of your digital product.

✔️ How to create an order form to receive orders for your physical product.

✔️ How to create an order received page for your physical product.

✔️ 5 ways to write a powerful P.S. (Post Script) to prompt your reader to take action.

MODULE 4. How to setup a highly converting Facebook advert that attracts the right people to your lead generation system or sales funnel

✔️ How to overcome your fear of running facebook ads.

✔️ How to determine the objective of your Facebook advert campaign.

✔️ The components of a successful facebook advert campaign.

✔️ How to write a highly convincing Facebook advert content (copy).

✔️ How to setup a professional Facebook page with premium header and cover photo images.

✔️ How to populate your Facebook page with relevant and valuable content using Artificial Intelligence (A.I) before you start running ads.

✔️ How to create a business manager for your facebook ads account.

✔️ How to setup your business manager to make ads payment in Naira.

✔️ How to create your facebook pixel and install on your website.

✔️ How to setup your business manager to make ads payment in Naira.

✔️ How to target the right audience for your email list and/or sales funnel.

✔️ How to tweak your ads for better performance.

See The High Quality & Useful Bonuses You'll Be Getting


✔️ How to create US (Dollar) accounts to receive money from foreign clients.

✔️ Secret website where you can download premium images for FREE.

✔️ How To Generate Unlimited Ideas For Your Content Marketing.

✔️ How To Profit From Freelancing Here In Nigeria.

See What My Previous Students And Clients Have To Say
Anytime I remember your email sequence that got me to sign up for your Sales Funnel Course, I give you thumbs up because it is not easy to convince me in taking any course owing to what I've seen on this internet space. You be Value Don abeg.
Victor Maduka
UI & UX Designer & Developer
Happy New Year Coach. Thank you for all your support in growing my business these few years of knowing you. I make you a promise to outgrow my former self and make you proud as a protege. I pray for you that your family, business and ministry would grow in leaps and bounds this year. I pray that kings will come to the brightness of your rising this year. I celebrate you.
Unyime Victor Udotai
C.E.O & Founder at Smile Home Nigeria
You really at the best at what you do. The email is working. I love working with you.
Kayode Alabi
Team Lead, Travvyly

Here Are The Kinds Of Projects You'll Be Able To Execute After The Training

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But you know…

I'm not doing this for the money alone

I just want to be of help to a fellow business owner like me

Truth is:

Organizing this Bootcamp and taking out time to teach you these things will cost me money…time…and some other things

But like I said earlier…

“I really want to be of help”

And this is why I'm not going to ask you to pay me even 250k for this Bootcamp


You'll Only Pay N150,000 For This 4 Weeks (2 times a week) Practical Training Bootcamp and Everything In Between


And I guess this is fair enough, because…

If you were to attend separate seminars… take different online courses…or sign up for a one-on-one mentorship session on how to use these tools for your own benefit…it would cost you more than I'm asking you to pay right now

(I know this because I also sell courses online)

And even if you get something less than this, it would be hard for you to have access to a quality support group where you'll be guided on what to do or how to do it

Just as I would show you when you come for High Income Skills Practical Training Bootcamp

And no, I'm not bragging.


I know my onions in what I'm about to share with you in the High Income Skills Practical Training Bootcamp

And with these things, you'll be able to;

✔ Have at least 3 HIGH INCOME skills (Facebook Advertising, Email Marketing & Sales Funnel Setup) that WILL make you money.

✔ Create a system that makes you money online even when you are sleeping.

✔ Provide these skills as a service to business owners who will be willing to pay you good money for them.)




…Most especially if you can't afford to make payments once and truly don't want to miss out from this

I'm giving room for installment payment

That is,

One before the training…another during the training…and a last one just before the end of the training

I guess that's fair enough, right?

And to make sure you get the best for your money…

Here's My 100% Risk Free Guarantee To You!

If after the first class you don't get VALUE FOR MONEY in THE HIGH INCOME SKILLS Practical Workshop Class, ask for a REFUND right there and I'll transfer it to your account right away.

In addition to the guarantee…

I'll also be creating and adding you to a SPECIAL support group…where you get to ask me your questions and have me deliver the answers you need as regards setting up these tech tools/systems for your business.


If you're ready to acquire high income skills to make money in 2024, here's Exactly What To Do To Secure Your Own Slot For High Income Skills Practical Training Bootcamp
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